Everything to Look for When Hiring Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

hiring motorcycle accident lawyers

Around 5,000 people die yearly due to motorcycle accidents. There’s an inherent risk with riding a motorbike, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek compensation for your injuries – especially when you weren’t at fault. In this post, we will talk about hiring motorcycle accident lawyers. You may need financial compensation to cover things like medical bills, property damage, and lost wages during your recovery.

If you get the right accident attorney on your side, you’ll have a better chance of getting a reasonable settlement for your case. Read on to learn what to look for when hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer.


Experience and Expertise

The first thing you should do when searching for a motorcycle accident attorney is to take a look at their experience and expertise. Getting a lawyer that handles cases in various areas of personal injury isn’t always the best idea because they may not have specific experience that your case may entail.

Look for lawyers that specialize in motorcycle accident law and choose ones that have a good amount of experience settling these kinds of cases. Look for an attorney who has settled most of their cases out of court, but has trial experience and isn’t afraid to go to court when necessary.

Dealing with insurance companies is also a huge part of a motorcycle accident lawyer’s duties. An insurer is always going to try to settle for the lowest amount, so your lawyer’s negotiation tactics should be on point.

The more experience your motorcycle accident attorney has, the more likely it is that they’ve seen a case just like yours and will know how to handle it.


Looking at References and Reviews

A lot of people wonder how exactly they go about finding a lawyer after an accident. If you know someone who has been through a situation like yours that can recommend a lawyer, this is always a good practice. Lawyers with lots of customer referrals usually have a very good reputation.

Another way to gauge an attorney’s reputation, however, is simply by looking at online ratings and reviews. Google and Yelp are both great for learning more about how a law office operates. If there are any red flags about an attorney, their customer service, or their conduct, you’ll find out in the reviews.

There are also lawyer-specific rating sites, like Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell, that offer both customer and peer reviews for lawyers.

Lastly, you can check out your State Bar to verify a lawyer’s credentials and make sure their name is in good standing. It’s always good to do your research before contacting a lawyer for a meeting.


Overall Success Rate

When you finally start to sit down with different lawyers, there are specifics you’ll need to find out. One of these is their overall success rate in the cases they’ve represented. A lawyer can take on plenty of cases, but if they aren’t winning a strong majority of them, it will be a big problem.

It’s always good practice to look at testimonials or even talk to a lawyer’s past clients to get an idea of how successful they are. If you’re going to get what you deserve from this motorcycle accident case, then your lawyer needs to have a proven track record of success.


Communication and Availability

Initial meetings with accident lawyers can sometimes appear to be misleading. You may leave a meeting thinking that your lawyer is who you’ll be in constant communication with, only to find out that you’ll actually be dealing with a member of their legal team once everything starts moving.

This is a normal part of the legal process, as lawyer relies on paralegals and assistants to communicate with clients and help with the mountains of paperwork that every case entails. That said, they should always be able to make themselves available when you need to talk about any questions or concerns that you have.

The point is that it should always be clear to you what’s happening in each stage of your accident case. You should be updated on a regular basis and be involved in the decision-making process.


A Quiet Confidence

Your motorcycle accident attorney should make you feel confident about the outcome of your case. But if your lawyer makes any promises about settlements, you should look for someone better.

No lawyer, no matter how experienced they may be, can guarantee a particular outcome. Instead, they should be reassuring you that the work is being done to give you the best chance at getting a good settlement.

At the end of the day, you should be able to focus on recovering from your injuries and getting your life back to normal. Your lawyer has to fill you with confidence that they’re dealing with the particulars of your case in the best way possible.


Comparing Lawyer Costs

The last thing you need to do before hiring a lawyer is compare costs. Oftentimes, personal injury lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis. This means that they only collect their fee if they win your case.

Most contingency fees range between 20-50% of the total settlement amount. You shouldn’t choose a motorcycle injury lawyer because they have the cheapest fees.

Choose the one that gives you the most confidence and charges a reasonable fee.


Hiring Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating

After a big accident, hiring motorcycle accident lawyers can feel like an intimidating task. If you follow these steps, you should have no problem finding a lawyer that can guide you through the legal process. With a fantastic lawyer backing you up, you’ll be able to pursue a fair settlement for your losses.

At Greenleaf Law Group, we’ve represented thousands of Whittier, CA, motorcycle accident victims. To learn more about our award-winning service, contact us today.

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